1201 US Hwy 175 W, Athens, Texas
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Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins
Athens, Texas
Floorplan of the Beechwood
Please note: All pictures displayed may include added options. From time to time, available options and styles change. Some features shown in the pictures may no longer be available. Call 903-292-5172 to discuss in detail or email us at adam@rrcathens.com
The Beechwood- Model APS- 501FD This model has been stretched 3' larger than the standard APS-501 model(still under 400 sqft though) Shown with optional Clerestory & Barnwood Lap Stain exterior
The Beechwood - Model APS -501 Stretch. Shown with optional white cabs.
The Beechwood model is a custom designed park model based off an APS-501. We have stretched the home to the maximum 399 sqft and added a large walk in closet in the bedroom. By stretching it and moving the closet the bedroom is larger than most park model bedrooms and has 2 full blank walls for multiple furniture arrangements. Come see if this specialized model will fit your park model needs.